The Orders

While some mages prefer to walk alone or spurn any form of society or stricture that might impede them in their quest for power, most are drawn to join one of the mystical orders. The ardors of Awakened life are too rigorous to trust to selfinitiation. Once you know about the supernatural world, it knows about you. Mages need someone to watch their backs, and a cabal is not always enough. A mystical order provides a greater network for a mage, not only for defense, but also for the furthering of her power.
To join an order, a willworker must seek initiation. Initiation is a sacred ceremony that commits the applicant to the goals of the society, and the order to the fostering of the mage. It’s a symbolic death of the newly Awakened mage as he leaves behind what he was and is reborn as a novice in the magical arts of his order.

The Pentacle
The loose affiliation of the Atlantean orders and the Free Council is sometimes called the Pentacle, especially when referring to Consilii in which all five orders participate. Some mages believe there is magical power and strength in an alliance of five orders, for it mirrors the five-pointed Atlantean pentagram. Others scoff, claiming that the age-old alliance of the four orders with true Atlantean heritage — sometimes called the Diamond — is the only proper basis for an alliance. Still others claim that no alliance should ever be enshrined with a title, lest it become magically binding on all parties, hindering the freedom of individual orders.

The Orders and the Cabals (groups of allied mages, usually working together towards a common goal) are the basic political unit of the game. While all the orders and the cabals in a city are nominally working together, the tension between them can sometimes tear a city apart, even before the enemies of mages make their moves. Navigating these waters can be treacherous but can result in incredible power over one’s fellow awakened.

While Paths are something set in stone, unchangeable and innate to your character, the choice of Order does not come lightly, but is not as permanent. And, while your Path doesn’t necessarily reflect who your character is or might want to be, the choice of Order should align with the character’s goals and outlook at life.

The Adamantine Arrow are the warrior philosophers and guardians of the Mage orders
The Free Council, the Libertines, modernist mages who focus on human advancements and new forms of magic
The Guardians of the Veil are the spies and the conspirators who work at hiding the magic world from humanity
The Mysterium are the collectors, guardians and the keepers of occult lore
The Silver Ladder are dedicated to ruling and shaping the world.

The Orders

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