The Setting

The world as we know it is a prison, a lie. Built to keep us ignorant, Asleep, it has been this way ever since the fall of Atlantis. But, like most prisons, this one is not perfect. You, and others like you, managed, either through luck, raw power and talent, or even just sheer persistence, to break off the shackles, take off the blindfold and Awake.

It might have been when you hit your lowest point, with your life in the gutter, during an acid trip, a deep meditation session or, hell, maybe even while sitting, half-awake, at a bus stop. One moment, you were THERE and the next, you were somewhere ELSE. Stranded in an astral realm or lost deep inside your personal Mystery Play, you gathered up the strength and the willpower to survive and found your way to the Watchtower. With immense effort, you etched your name into the watchtower walls, leaving a piece of your soul behind, a conduit to the unknowable, and Awoke.

Now, you are among the few Awakened, a Mage fighting to break down the walls of the prison and pave across the infinite Abyss, to the Supernal Realm and the Watchtowers, to challenge the Exarchs themselves, on their gilded thrones. Or, maybe, you aim for temporal power – influence, money, control. The entire world can be your oyster.

Not everything is as rosy or as easy as that. Not only is there dissent among the Orders of the Pentacle, but enemies and horrors surround you. Magic now comes to you as easy as speech, as easy as breathing, but the prison works against you, as do it’s sleeping prisoners. Causing Paradox invites down a taint from the deep Abyss, opening a doorway for it’s horrors to enter our world. And then, there are the more tangible, knowable threats – other Awakened, whether Seers of the Throne, servants of the Exarchs, mortal jailors of the Sleepers, or Banishers, hell-bent on destroying every last one of you.

Here you are, freshly born into this new world filled with conflict and opportunities. What will you do with your new-found power?

The Setting

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